Here at Alan M. Fawcett Funeral Directors’, we have created an assortment of the types of Floral Tributes that have been some of the most popular designs.

When choosing flowers, it can be helpful to have images to refer to in order to make the right decision for you. The options are not exhaustive and the florists we work with may have further options and designs. If you see a design but prefer other flower options, we can accommodate this depending on seasons, availability, or any external issues that are out of our control. The Florists we use currently quote from £40 a foot for single and double ended floral tributes.

Our approach is to chat with you regarding your preferences and the thoughts and feelings of all involved in the process never forgetting those who have departed. Please contact us for pricing information.

We can either order them on your behalf or you can speak directly to the florist (contact details available). Please choose the category of your choice below.